The Luck of Green

St Patrick's Day gift for her, 18k gold ring with green tsavorite gemstone by EzzyKaia

The combination of green with gold is stunning

EzzyKaia is trilled to present to you the Tsavorite mini pop stackable 18k gold ring as a great way to add a little pop of color to your day or night. Feel invigorated and stylish when wearing this elegant gold ring. This minimalist style ring can be worn as a sparkling single ring or together as stackable rings for more brilliance.

The Tsavorite Mini Pop Ring is made of 18k yellow gold with a 5mm green Tsavoriste gemstone. Tsavorite is the greenest of all green gemstones because of its intense color. The range of colors for Tsavorite includes light green, blue-green, and deep forest green.

Mini Pop Gold Ring with Tsavorite GarnetTsavorite’s name is derived from the largest national park in Africa, Tsavo and since its discovery Tsavorite is internationally known as a superb gemstone. Its value has increased over the years because of its exceptional vivid and bright color.

Along the border of Kenya and Tanzania this radiant green gem can be found which makes Tsavorite a rare gemstone because specific geological conditions are needed for this natural green beauty to form. More over this brilliantly bright gemstone can only be mined during four months out of the year because the rest of the year is rainy season and the wild life of lions and snakes also place limitations on access to this gem.

EzzyKaia’s Mini Pop Ring is uniquely created with this refreshing bright green, Tsavorite gemstone that is exquisitely set in 18k gold. The stunning color combination of green with yellow gold represents the luxury of gold married with the abundance and good fortune that green represents.

This designer gold ring is an excellent gift idea for you or your love one to celebrate how beautiful and pure love truly is, when mixed with one of the finest gemstones mother-nature offers. Feel free to shop on for the lovely mini pop gold ring.