About My Fine Jewelry Collection


I’m EzzyKaia, over the past two decades, I have worked for several high-end fashion companies, ranging from corporate manufacturing to small design houses. By 2010, I became exhausted and no longer recognized the industry that I choose my career path in.

What changed? I did. After years of designing fashion for others, I concluded that my creative needs were not being fulfilled in the same way as they were when I was in my twenties. I felt there was a whole other life I should be living.

While working full-time, I began learning about jewelry design, goldsmithing, and gemstones. I fell in love and was inspired by all of the creative avenues I could explore; and often dreamed about starting my own jewelry business.

The day came when I could no longer learn about jewelry designing in a classroom setting. I took a leap of faith, and left my comfortable salary behind to start EzzyKaia. A fine jewelry line designed by a woman- for women. “Wearing gold jewelry makes you feel like a woman, romantic, sophisticated, whimsical, and comfortable with beautiful craftsmanship”.

As a fine jewelry artisan; and woman business owner, I know this journey is about new beginnings, creating a balance between work and life, and the joy of self-fulfillment while designing small pieces of art made with quality and love; to endure the test of time.


EzzyKaia believes in:

New beginnings – don’t be afraid to start over, to learn something new, to try, to fail and try again.

Life and work balance – make an honest living doing what you love, while taking time to capture every special moments with family.

Self-fulfillment – have courage to follow your own path, and know that there is always room for self-improvement.

Timeless jewelry – designed in 18k or 14k yellow gold symbolize love and amplifies a special date or person in our lives, but fine gold jewelry should also withstand the test of time to be heirlooms for our love ones.


EzzyKaia’s jewelry is made with Love, and as a fine jewelry designer I am careful when working with precious metals and gemstones to have a positive attitude. “Having fun and staying positive is a strong foundation for running a successful business in New York City”. I would like to share my finished pieces of art and, the process of design, innovation, and craftsmanship with you.

EzzyKaia is a dream come true that continues to unfold with tenacity and persistence.  I offer unique jewelry designs, and have the honor to work closely with you to provide extraordinary custom gifts in 14k or 18k gold for those close to you.

Thank you for visiting EzzyKaia.com, and I invite you to check in on my website often to view new gold jewelry collections, and to see what’s fresh from the bench. Have a beautiful day, and let your dreams rise and shine.